How to choose a suitable chicken cage/chicken layer cage/poultry battery laying cage?

Choose a good chicken cage product not only with long years,but also the growth of chicken and egg production to promotion.

1, We need to understand the metal mesh used in the steel cage, such as our ladder chicken cages, using Q235 steel chicken cages after drawing process to make welding difficult to open, and toughness, will not make the bottom of the cage by chicken on concave down, reduce the rate of broken eggs.

2, Galvanizing process requirements, our chicken cages' surface treatment is cold galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing. Cold galvanized wire mesh chicken cage can be used 10--15 years, galvanized wire mesh chicken cage can be used 25--30 years.

3, Delivery and installation, we have our own professional installation team and sales team, the first time to resolve customer requirements, but also free house planning, technical support, according to the customer, etc.

Are you the direct manufacturer or trading company?

We are direct manufacture, we have our own factory, which has been specialized in this line for nearly  years.

Can the products be customized and design the shed ?

Of course, we can produce the products according to your special requirements.  We can also design the shed according to local temperature, wind direction etc.

Do you have automatic system?

Yes, We have automatic feeding machine, automatic cleaning machine, fan for ventilation etc.

How many cages I need?

It depends on how many chickens you want the raise or the size of your chicken shed. We will recommend the most economical type for you.

How to start a chicken house?

Tell us the size and type of your shed and how many and chicken(broiler or layers?) you want to raise, we would lead you step by step and do free design for you.

Which automatic equipment do I need?

whole series of a poultry chicken house include :incubator, automatic feeder, feeding silo, automatic egg collector, automatic manure removal, ventilation cooling system, heater. But what are you really need depends on the scale of your chicken house, the climate and the condition of electricity of your place .


Don’t worry, we can make a cost-efficient choice for you.